What is Lasik?

The full form of LASIK is LASer In situ Keratomileusis, which in simple terms means laser usage underneath a in situ or corneal flap for cornea or keratomileusis reshaping. In simple words, Lasik laser eye surgery is a standard and advanced technological procedure conducted for reshaping the eye surface, by involving the Lasik laser beams.

Why Lasik?

A potential Lasik patient opts for the Lasik surgery for correction of refractive errors like long-sightedness (hypermetropia ), short-sightedness (myopia) and astigmatism (eye surface uneven curvature).

The procedure of Lasik laser eye surgery starts with placing some anaesthetic drops in the eye. Then a special eyelid clip is placed around the eye and fixed to ensure that the patient does blink the eye, during the procedure. The eye of the patient is focused to see green or red light and cannot see around. There is a thin flap in the cornea and it is attempted to cut to open, by using Laser, specifically IntraLase or Microkeratome or blade. The flap is then opened, similar to the opening of the book cover. Then the cornea underneath is reshaped with the help of computer controlled laser. It is a very short time procedure and takes 30 seconds, approximately for removal of the affected part of the cornea. The flap will then be repositioned, for binding to the rest of the cornea. Further no stitches are required. Post surgery, antibiotic eye drops will be prescribed by the surgeon to lubricate the eyes to prevent infections any further.

Lasik laser eye surgery today stands as the best painless, reliable and safest procedure that can offer permanent removal of eye glasses and has been made available from two decades in the medical industry.

Most frequent and common queries or doubts expressed before undergoing the Lasik procedure, by several potential Lasik patients are as the following.

  • Can I get rid of my contact lens or glasses permanently and is there any long term solution?
  • Am I fit or eligible to undergo the Lasik surgery?
  • Can I rely on Lasik surgery to get rid of the lens or glasses permanently?
  • What is the overall cost involved to undergo the Lasik laser eye surgery?
  • Where to go for consulting to know and undergo the Lasik surgery?
  • What are the latest technologies and surgeries available for Lasik laser procedures and which one suits me better?
  • What are the post Lasik laser surgery guidelines to follow?

Lasik Surgery

Lasik surgery is an advanced and sophisticated technology and is conducted in several medical centers .

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Cost of Lasik Eye Laser Surgery

  • Customized Wavefront Lasik Surgery, for both the eyes > 22,000 INR
  • Aspheric Customized Wavefront Lasik Surgery, for both the eyes >27,000 INR
  • Advanced Aspheric Customized Wavefront Lasik Surgery for both the eyes > 32,000 INR
  • SBK Thin Flap Advanced Aspheric Lasik Surgery, for both the eyes > 45,000 INR
  • 100% Blade Free Intralase Advanced Aspheric Lasik Surgery, for both the eyes > 75,000 INR (Starting Rate)

The cost of each of the Lasik patient varies on the basis of their prescription and requirement.