Both myths and facts have equal capability to influence the decisions of the people. Every aspect in this world is associated with the myths that are actually nothing but fiction, as well as the facts that are absolutely true. Logics and efforts are important to bifurcate the truths from facts. The same happens with the Lasik, where many myths and facts are associated strongly, which leave people in dilemma and hesitate to take the decision to go or not to go for Lasik surgery. However, Lasik surgery proven record indicates that it is the safest and easiest way to cure the problems associated with the vision and stand as the best alternative to the eye glasses and contact lens.

MYTH 1: Lasik is painful and recovery period is very long.

Most of the potential Lasik patients hesitate to go for the Lasik surgery, because of this myth. This fear is easy to get into the mind, because eye is the most sensitive organ in the body. There is absolutely no pain experienced by the patient, except a little discomfort, even because of the psychological factors. Similar to most of the surgeries, where anaesthesia is given before the procedure, Lasik procedure also involves the usage of anaesthetic eye drops to numb the eye and feel no pain.

Regarding the recovery period, this is not true and in fact the Lasik patient can get back to the regular day to day lifestyle in just one to two days after the day of the surgery. The patient feels decent degree of improvement in vision after a day or two.

MYTH 2: Lasik is new technology to the world and doesn’t offer cure in long term.

This is purely a myth, because Lasik laser technology in Lasik surgery has been introduced before 20 years. Eventually, millions of patients have been benefited from the Lasik surgery in the world and enjoying better vision for longer period. The proven records indicate that the Lasik surgery in the world has been the best treatment for astigmatism, long-sightedness and short sightedness, almost a single alternative to the permanent solution for the contact lens and eye glasses.

MYTH 3: Lasik cannot treat the vision problem, Astigmatism.

Correction of astigmatism refractive error is made possible with the newer Lasik technology and the outcomes and results post Lasik surgery prove that the surgery can provide much better improvement in the vision, compare to the lens and glasses. Many Lasik patients so far have gone through this surgery towards correction of astigmatism.

MYTH 4: Lasik surgery may result in night blindness.

The myth of night blindness is one of the most serious fears and concerns of the potential Lasik patients and many of them become too conscious, while one undergoes the Lasik procedure. The proven positive outcome records in 20 years, indicate highest degree of accuracy and precision that no way resulting anything like halo concern or night vision concerns. Lasik laser eye surgery, because of higher precision and accuracy minimizes any possible risks of side effects and so the medical industry can assure the fact that the night blindness won’t be the result of the surgery, though it was the side effect before, because of lower precision and accuracy in the past.

MYTH 5: The Lasik surgery restricts the older people to undergo.

This is a concern for many older people, however, though there is no age limit to undergo the surgery, the outcome for the Lasik surgery is more satisfying and optimistic for the younger people compared to very old people. The usual age groups opt for the surgery range between 18 and 40, though even older people get some positive and improved vision, than they have, before the surgery. The degree and procedure is varied for varied groups of age and the positive results are obvious for any age group, through younger people get much better vision, compared to the older ones.

It is good to consider the myths and it is also important to research the truths, on the basis of data and statistics of the Lasik surgery outcomes in the medical industry. Having known the facts, hopefully, one is clear from the myths.