The context of customized Lasik, generally refers the technology called wavefront technology. Lasik surgery with wavefront Lasik stands as a remarkable revolution in the surgery for refractive vision correction, as a means of customized procedure, rather than a common or standard Lasik laser surgery. It helps the Lasik surgeon to reduce aberrations that exist in the optical path, through C Lasik or C-Lasik technology, enabling the procedure, which is unique for each patient.

The technology, wavefront has been invented originally by NASA and used for the purpose of telescope for high-powered precision. And medical industry has incorporated wavefront technology in 2005 for vision correction through Lasik surgery. Customized Lasik, CustomVue Lasik, Zyoptix Lasik or C-Lasik, shortly is an innovated new procedure for vision correction, incorporating wavefront technology that enables unique, personalized effective plan of treatment for the Lasik patients.

The Lasik procedure, C-Lasik or customized laser vision correction is made available to the world and , India, it starts with 22,000 INR for treating both the eyes. It enables the surgeon to enhance the conventional Lasik procedure with the provision of customized according to the unique eye vision condition of the patient. The wavefront technology eventually stands as a further leap in the Lasik surgery technology helping the patient to obtain much sharper and clearer vision, compared to the conventional or standard Lasik procedure.

The betterments are found in the following ways.

  • Much decreased halos and incidence of glare
  • More increased probability to obtain the vision of 20/20
  • Much better vision compared to the glasses or contact lens
  • Improved night vision
  • Far better and clear vision compared to the vision with the standard procedure of Lasik

Lasik surgery, usually helps the Lasik patients to both identify and also choose the appropriate refractive error corrective procedure for customized or C-Lasik laser surgery, with unmatched Lasik surgeon expertise having completed thousands of successful procedures, still at most reasonable rates.

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What Is Customized Wavefront Lasik?

Customized wavefront Lasik stands as a further step and an important mile stone in laser refractive surgery, towards enhancement of the procedure, in terms of precision. Wavefront Lasik today is a remarkable revolution for refractive error correction for better vision with a personalized or customized treatment. The technology helps the Lasik surgeons in reducing optical path aberration, which is quite unique or different for each of the Lasik patient.

What Is Wavefront Technology?

The wavefront technology is invented for the purpose of telescope with much higher powered precision by NASA originally and it has been incorporated in 2005 in the medical industry for correcting the refractive vision. A human eye suffers from various refractive errors like sphero-cylindrical refractive errors, minute optical imperfections. Regular eye prescription examination during conventional pre-Lasik examination can detect only sphero-cylindrical refractive errors. However, many other minute optical imperfections can be detected successfully through wavefront technology, additionally. Detailed examination of all these imperfections is performed through aberrometer instrument and then the same is incorporated into the procedure of Lasik. All these imperfections, when combined gives unique refractive error prescription for each patient. Multiple new procedures have been developed on the basis of this technology in Lasik. These procedures are available in India today. All these procedures help the surgeons to treat and reshape the cornea surface accurately and completely thereby resulting in clearer and sharper vision, when compared to the standard or conventional procedure of Lasik surgery.

Why Customized Wavefront?

Considering the eyeglass prescription is the regular and usual way to find the refractive error. However, there is a better way to measure the shape of the cornea. Customized wavefront measures though light reflected out of the eye. It is more accurate, as it collects more and detailed information in terms of the shape and indicates all the focusing errors including the complex focusing errors, compared to the eyeglass prescription. Complex focusing errors are also referred as ‘higher order aberrations’. The information related to combination of simple wavefront errors and complex wavefront errors is quite unique for each eye and so for each patient. This personalized or customized information about the patient’s eye stands very valuable for the surgeon, as treatment can be designed to reshape and treat the cornea surface completely.

How Does It Determine?

Custom Lasik laser eye surgery procedure makes use of a device called wavefront device. Every Lasik Manufacturers has it own custom wavefront measuring diagnostic system which more or less work on same principles of capturing detailed aberration or irregularities of optical system of eye which comprising cornea, lens, vitreous humor, etc. Then the treatment plan to reshape cornea is programmed and developed to maintain the original cornea overall shape after calculating the differences from the ideal shape of the cornea, following inclusion and exclusion strict FDA guidelines by lasik surgeon.

How It Betters Lasik?

On the basis of the inputs taken from the cornea surface measurement though wavefront, the surgeon sets the diameter of central cornea area, over which the customized wavefront Lasik surgery is delivered and performed. This area is known as the Optic Zone. It enables the surgeons to cover the largest zone or area for correction. Hence, most of the Lasik surgeons believe that they can achieve greater results with wavefront Lasik. The detailed information of refractive error of the patient is taken and excimer laser movement is programmed accordingly and reshaping of the cornea surface is performed during the procedure of vision correction.

How Wavefront Technology Works?

Wavefront technology refers to wavefront-guided technology. Wavefront measures the uneven surface details of the cornea, such as aberrations through reflected light waves over eyes to higher order from lower order. The wavefront device transmits non ultraviolet light waves, which are totally safe into the eyes and the waves get reflected off the posterior and reflect back through the pupil. The light wave reflected is measured in detail by the aberrometry device or wavefront computer and unique pattern is created. The pattern displays the exact shape of the cornea and some more features related to the eye surface thereby enabling the surgeons to program the treatment accordingly. The measurements of irregularities of the cornea look to be topographical map.

Differences Between Conventional and Customized Lasik

Custom Lasik surgery makes use of the wavefront technology and hence stands as a superior procedure over conventional Lasik procedure in the following two ways.

  1. Custom wavefront procedure is more precise.

Custom wavefrotn procedure is more accurate and precise, as it collects more detailed information about the refractive error compared to the conventional pre-Lasik procedure. for instance, after conventional pre-Lasik procedure, refractive error considered is the eyeglasses prescription that is typically 0.25D, -1.50D, 1.25D, etc. When millions of Lasik patients are considered, thousands of patients may have the prescription of 0.25D. but the fact is that the refractive error varies from 0.25000 to 0.50000 in all these patients. And the precise and accurate error can be found from the wavefront technology. Wavefront Lasik is 25 times more precise compared to the regular lens power prescription of eyeglasses.

2. Custom wavefront procedure is more specific.

When the eyeglass prescription is determined with the conventional Lasik, by the eye doctor, it is associated more with the evaluation of the ability of the eye in terms of light focus as a unified whole. Eventually, one lens prescription is finally obtained for the entire eye.

At the same time, with custom Lasik, measurements are collected from hundreds of varied references on the eye surface. A detailed map is then created with all these data points to determine the refractive error. Here, the imperfections in focusing are referred as higher-order aberrations on all over cornea. This map becomes the key in programming the excimer laser in delivering the customized corrections of vision for the specific and unique needs.

Types of Custom Lasik

Custom Lasik procedure is made available to the world in three basic types.

1. Wavefront-Guided Lasik Procedure

The procedure makes use of the measurements of light waves reach the retina, after travelling through the eyes. It helps to develop and program unique laser treatment, which is personalized totally for the specific and unique vision correction needs of the patients. Wavefront-guided Lasik not only corrects astigmatism, farsightedness and nearsightedness, but also treats irregular higher-order aberrations, which may hamper visual clarity, even after correction of refractive errors.

2. Topography-Guided Lasik

This procedure makes use of cornea surface measurement, for programming the laser to address the problems associated with the vision. It not only corrects refractive errors, but also treats corneal irregularities. Though this procedure is not similar to the wavefront Lasik, it still offers vision correction at customized levels compared to the conventional Lasik procedure.

3. Wavefront-Optimized Lasik

The procedure measures the eye surface curvature details, in order to preserve the cornea’s natural aspheric shape. The natural shape of the cornea is attempted to preserve in this procedure, as it reduces the risk of spherical aberration, which is one kind of higher-order aberration that may occur in the eye naturally or caused from other laser procedures for vision correction. When spherical aberrations are occurred, night vision problems and halos around lights would be the results.


The cost of the customized wavefront technology starts at 20,000 INR and this price includes both the eyes. The cost depends upon company to company mapping and lasik technology and centre to centre. It is more expensive compared to conventional Lasik surgery, because of sophisticated and advanced technology.

Eligibility Criteria For Custom Lasik

The following are the criteria of eligibility to undergo the custom Lasik procedure.

  • Candidate is at least 18 years of age
  • Corneal thickness of eye must be thick enough for Lasik
  • Have no eye disease, scarring or infection history
  • Have astigmatism, farsightedness or nearsightedness from mild to moderate levels
  • Have no presbyopia, which is farsightedness caused by age


The cost of the customized wavefront technology starts at 20,000 INR and this price includes both the eyes. It is more expensive compared to conventional Lasik surgery, because of sophisticated and advanced technology.


Wavefront technology that allows the surgeons to treat the Lasik patients to treat accurately and completely after discovering precise and accurate precision benefit the patients in the following ways.

  • Much increased probability to achieve 20/20 vision
  • Much reduced incidence of glare and halos
  • Far better night vision
  • Far better improved vision compared to the contact lenses or eye glasses
  • Much clear and far better vision than the conventional or standard Lasik procedure
  • Greater stability
  • Lack of discomfort
  • Improves contrast
  • Improved resolution of retinal image
  • Resulting super vision
  • Faster rehabilitation
  • Additional data provided about imperfections of eyes
  • Fine vision

Risks and Complications

The risks and complications associated with the customized wavefront Lasik surgery are in fact lesser than the conventional Lasik laser eye surgery.

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