Since vision is quite significant sense among all other human body senses, the vision provider, eye has got most significance in the human body and so demands the utmost care. Eye has a primary role of providing a clear vision, formed by light focussed through retina and focussing power enabled by the cornea. Eye makes a clear image of the objects at the nearer and farer distances through lens that adjust the light, by either contracting or expanding. In addition to the care taken to the eyes, any of the problems related to the vision must be addressed and one should consult the eye doctors without fail.

Prescription and Details:

Human eye is commonly encountered with certain vision problems, like presbyopia, astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia and cataract. These common problems are tested by measuring with the dioptre units that describe the optical system’s light bending properties. The discovered vision problems can be resolved by using lenses or eye glasses to get the clear vision, though correction needs certain procedures and time. Long sightedness is specified in the prescription with the + (positive) symbol and near sightedness with – (negative) symbol. Typically, a prescription contains the information about three categories, basically. The first category represents the degree of refraction error, long-sightedness or nearsightedness, the second one is a numeric representing the degree of astigmatism and finally third numeric represents the direction and axis related to astigmatism. Higher dioptres indicate higher degree of problems associated with the vision, one has. Sufferers of any of the specified refractive error can prefer Lasik laser eye surgery , by contacting the respective medical centers. Ring to or walk-in to the patient care department, for any and all queries, such as the cost of the procedure, surgeon availability, technology used.


Astigmatism is a refractive defect or error, where some parts of the objects are clear enough to appear and some of other parts become blurred. This condition is the result of cornea’s uneven curvature. The problem can be solved with the help of cylindrical lens and Lasik solution is entitled for longer term cure and it can regain the normal or regular vision and also avoids the use of glasses or lens.

Hyperopia or Long Sightedness

Hyperopia is one condition, where one feels difficult to see the objects very close or near. The long sightedness is represented as + in the prescription.

Myopia or Short Sightedness

Myopia is a condition, where the appearance of the distant objects becomes blur and the near objects are clear enough to appear. This refractive error related to this short sightedness can be corrected with the help of concave lens that helps diverging the light rays before they strike the eye’s lens.


The condition of cataract makes the lens to become opaque and the result would be hindered capability of the vision and also leads to total blindness if left untreated. Technically, natural lens, which enable the function of focusing the light to produce sharp and clear images, become cloud. This phenomenon is closely related to the age and so older people experience this condition, often. The problem of cataract can be treated through a definitive treatment, surgery. The regular treatment for cataract is Phaco technology. In this technology treatment is done using a very small incision, where the instrument’s tip is reached to the eye. The cataract would then broken into small pieces, by generating localized high frequency, through the tip. The small pieces would then be sucked out by, by using the same tip as a controller to suck. Once the entire opaque cataract is cleaned, a thin shell or capsule is left behind. Finally, the treatment is completed after inserting Intra Ocular Lens, in the eye. After successful surgery of cataract, the vision will be better and clear for the patient.

Whenever you face the problem of inability to see sharp and clear, immediately, go for a check up and get your dioptre values checked, by consulting an eye doctor.