Lasik surgery is one of the best eye treatments and most effective procedure with the objective of correcting the common problems of vision, such as astigmatism, short sightedness, long sightedness and other kind of refractive problems. The surgery not only helps correcting and clearing the vision, but also support in eliminating the patient’s dependency over the eye glasses and contact lenses. Imagine the miracle of the Lasik surgery, which provides clear vision with no dependency and hassles of contact lenses and eye glasses, just by going a simple surgical treatment that takes only 10 minutes. And the patient does not experience even moderate discomfort or pain, since topical anaesthesia is given, while the procedure is performed. In case you want to relieve from your problems of vision and prefer Lasik surgery , just write a query to us or call us to get instant lucid and unbiased information about Lasik as we are here to help and support the Lasik seekers for improving their vision effectively and easily.


In most of the cases the cornea can be recovered very quickly and the change is vision can be surprising for you and immediate acquiring of clear vision after the procedure of surgery is completed can surprise you. The day to day activities can be resumed with a day or two for the patients and some of them may need maximum of 4 to 5 days to resume.

Side Effects

1. Disturbances of Vision

Some of the possible side effects after the Lasik surgery can be any of the visual disturbances, such as certain abnormalities, halos, double vision and starbursts. Even nigh blindness may be a problem, sometimes for some patients. The fact is that these side effects are not caused solely because of the Lasik surgery, but also possibly because of the driving and working constantly and excessively post surgery. However, the newer Lasik laser technology allow the patient to get rid of these side effects and eliminate them totally, since lasers allow effective and precise degree of surgery procedure. the patient can also prevent from any such abnormalities or diseases by consulting the concerned eye surgeon, at the right time.

2. Dry eyes

Dry eye condition is one of the most commonly happening side effects after Lasik surgery and this condition usually occurs after 6 months of period post the surgery. The cause of this dry eye negative condition of the surgery can be because of the eye nerves’ natural functioning. The same negative surgery effect also possibly reduce the automatic production capability of moisture and natural tears for the eyes.

Risk Factors

1. Concerns of corneal flap: Sometimes healing of cornea may not be complete, quick or proper. Healing of the cornea depends on different factors and varies from one patient to another patient. Healing may take months for some patients and for some it may take longer period. When the cornea healing is not done completely, it may lead to different eye diseases, like dislocation of corneal ectasia, which could result in corneal flap dislocation. The concerns of corneal can be eliminated or prevented with the newer technology for flap creation, like 100% Blade Free Femtosecond Lasik surgery.

2. Unguaranteed Elimination of Glasses Permanently: In some cases, the need for spectacles or reading glasses may not be eliminated completely, especially for the older patients, who are more than 40 years age. However, there can be a guarantee of dependency or elimination of spectacles, glaases or contact lenses for other aged groups, especially, below 40 years of age. Some of them reported that they have been facing difficulties of clear vision during nights and so they got the need of wearing the glasses or spectacles during the night time.

The patient needs to be aware of all these details about the recovery, side effects and risks associated with the Lasik surgery.