Aspheric Lasik technology stands today, as one of the latest advancements in the technology of Lasik. In common and simple words, the technology, Aspheric Lasik technology is designed and developed to retain the original cornea that is shaped as a curve. This technology is the next milestone of standard Lasik and Customized Lasik eye laser surgery technologies and ensures the delivery of sharper and clearer vision to Lasik patient with minimized haloes and glare experienced during the nights.

Aspheric Lasik is also commonly known to the medical industry and people as CustomVueTM Lasik, OPD CATZ Aspheric Lasik or Zyoptix Aspheric Lasik. All these Lasik technologies have similar objectives of outcomes, with minor variation in the procedure, since the same technology is adapted by various companies, like Abott Medical Optics or Advanced Medical Optics, Nidek, Basuch& Lomb.

So, OPD CATZ Lasik refers the zone of customized aspeteric treatment. The treatment is created and developed to correct the refractive error at higher levels and benefit from the surgery for Lasik laser eye.

It enables the process of correction of any irregularities present on the cornea surface, with the help of OPD CATZ Lasik. This process removes approximately 15% additional tissue, compared to the other options of tissue saving and so it is not suitable for every refractive error patient. The advantage of this procedure is that the symptoms of night vision associated with the regular or standard Lasik system can be decreased, since the natural or regular curvature of the cornea is retained and maintained. Another advantage with it is improved contrast sensitivity.

A Bit More About Customized Wavefront

Customized wavefront is an advanced technology, benefit every patient, who has unique issues of vision and unique treatment procedure, thereby unique requirement of removal of the surface tissue of the cornea. this is what exactly, where the patient gets benefited from Aspheric Treatment. Hence, the term CATz refers to Optimized Aspheric Treatment Zone, or simply Ashperic means ‘not round/spherical’. An advance treatment, Optimized Wavefront is intended for the patients, who have normal surface of cornea, but not for the ones, who have the eye shape not exactly in round shape, optically that gives perfect focusing. The cost of Aspheric Lasik Surgery is the lowest  and is about 28,000 INR for both the eyes and the number correction plan and the best treatment plan, Advanced Aspheric Lasik surgery costs about 34,000 INR for both the eyes.

Aspheric Customized Lasik is latest technology advancement in the medical industry to perform sophisticated Lasik surgery. It stands as the next milestone to the customized Lasik laser surgery, as it is an effective and new age laser treatment that reduces or eliminates spherical aberrations. The technology has the objective to retain the cornea as it’s original shape is, while deserving the potentiality to deliver clearer and shaper vision after the surgery. Aspheric Lasik surgery is beneficial primary for the patients experiencing poor night vision and who have larger pupils.

“The natural shape of cornea is aspherical; aspherical customized lasik or advanced aspherical lasik aims to reshape cornea by perfectly matching the natural shape of cornea at maximum point and neutralizing aberration present over corneal surface and entire optical path  in order to deliver sharpest quality of vision”

Aspheric Customized Lasik is familiar with other names called Zyoptix Aspheric Lasik, OPD CATZ Aspheric Lasik or CustomVue  Lasik in the medical industry. Various companies, such as Advanced Medical Optics, Basuch & Lomb, Nidek, Abott Medical Optics have adapted the technology with small variations and so these procedures are mostly similar to each other with only minor variations.

What Is Aspheric Lasik Technology and Concept?

Custom Lasik basically adds up detailed information about the changes over corneal surface. Aberrometer device helps to take the fingerprint of the eye’s corneal surface. It allows the surgeons to perform total corrections on the corneal surface. When this customized process is blended with aspheric technology and procedure, larger cornea portion can be treated without ablating more tissue of cornea. Aspheric treatment enables the customized Lasik to be performed with an excimer laser controlled by computer, through programming the laser movement. This treatment procedure is unique to customized Lasik procedure.

Aspheric treatment zones allow minimal change in the surface of the cornea and minimized spherical aberration. In fact, the treatment is performed at micro level attempting to correct only uneven surface area, while the healthier and even surface untouched. On the other hand other procedures like standard Lasik and even advanced topography based treatments do not cover the eye’s total refractive elements into the treatment. Eventually, these procedures end up decoupling corneal and lenticular aberrations and the possible postoperative affects can be altering visual quality. So, when only corneal spherical aberrations are treated, lenticular spherical aberrations can be unmasked and it may result in halos during night. This unmasking and alteration of visual quality can be ruled out through aspheric customized procedure.

Aspheric Compared With Standard Lasik

Standard Lasik surgery procedure can correct only the refractive error prescription and less efficiently compared to any next mile or advanced technology, including Aspheric Lasik. This procedure cannot correct night time vision completely, as the pupils dilate and eventually visual aberrations can become more apparent. In simple language, when aspheric treatment is performed, steep changes in the curvature of the cornea can be reduced and eventually induction of aberrations can then be reduced, when compared to the conventional ablations.


Aspheric customized Lasik laser treatment is a new and recent addendum to the Lasik laser eye surgery class. The new procedure benefits the surgeons and patients in the ways.

  • Super vision
  • No halos and night glare
  • Vision correction up to 6/6
  • Clearer and sharper vision
  • Customized Lasik eye surgery
  • Lesser consumption of time
  • Safer



C-Lasik Aspheric

The procedure of C-Lasik Aspheric involves customized Lasik. The eye optical aberrations are examined by an aberrometer and these aberrations are reduced to a better extent using laser. The key benefit of the C-Lasik aspheric surgery is that it yields better contrast, compared to the other Lasik procedures.


Optimized Aspheric Treatment Zone, which is also familiar as a not round/spherical Lasik treatment. This surgery procedure has been designed and developed for the eyes with normal or regular corneal surface and without shape optically enough round. In such conditions this procedure can create sharper focus.


Customised Aspheric Treatment Zone Lasik laser eye surgery procedure is suitable for the patients, who have the eyes that show undulations over the surface of the cornea and demand individual removal.

CATz ablation employs zones of aspheric treatment. The architecture of CATz ablation makes use of transition and optical zone combination that taper the curvature of the cornea peripherally and paracentrally, gradually so that single treatment zone can be created. Here, the aspheric treatment zone is considered as OATz (Optimized Aspheric Transition zone). So, technically, corneal surface irregularities treatment added to OATz is considered as CATz.

Who Is Eligible?

Since Aspheric Customized Lasik is associated with custom Lasik procedure, it does not allow every patient to be eligible to undergo the procedure. Custom Lasik does not allow because of higher degree of nearsightedness and farsightedness or very small pupils. So, patients without these eye conditions are eligible for the Aspheric Customized Lasik procedure. apart from these factors, other general factors that make the patient eligible to undergo this surgery are the following.

  • You have completed 18 years by the date of surgery.
  • The eyes have stable spectacle power.
  • You suffer from the refractive error and troubled by night glare and aberrations or scattered light symptoms.
  • Eyes suffer from the problems, like minus, plus, cylinder number or progressive or bifocal vision problems, resulting in adding the glasses.
  • Patients, who are not eligible for standard Lasik procedure, because of the pupil size, thin cornea, they are also eligible for Aspheric customized Lasik surgery.
  • You wish to get your vision problem, like high numbered, complicated refractive error corrected or wish to enjoy sharper vision, by getting rid of even lower refractive errors.

Medical Equipment

Aspheric customized Lasik surgery procedure is performed by the medical equipment such as WaveLight Allegretto 400 Hz excimer laser, NAVAX (NIDEK EC-5000 Advanced Vision Excimer laser system).

Visual Outcomes

The visual outcomes of Aspheric customized Lasik is almost similar to the wavefront-optimized LASIK. It is as safe as the other Lasik laser eye surgeries.

Studies and Reports

A retrospective study performed on Aspheric customized Lasik has considered 16 patients, who underwent aspheric customized Lasik to correct moderate hyperopia. After six months of the surgery, for a 6-mm pupil, the mean postoperative spherical aberration for this aspheric customized Lasik surgery was calculated as -0.04 µm. Uncorrected distance visual acuity was found to be 20/20 for these patients.

Topography guided CATz has been proved to achieve better quality of night vision when compared to the standard Lasik surgery with the treatment zone expanded. Additional benefits are minimized induced spherical aberrations.