Lasik surgery stands as one of the effective treatments for the eye and basically performed for common vision problem correction, while reducing or eliminating the dependency over spectacles, contact lenses or glasses for the patient. Lasik surgery makes use of a laser for creation of corneal flap and reshaping the inner surface of the cornea. The surgery reshapes the corneal tissue and flap that will later be healed and rebound to the cornea’s outer surface. Like any other organ in the body eye also has great power of healing the entire tissue of the cornea automatically and quickly. Here, the process of healing has equal importance as that of the process of the surgery and the certain period of time is needed for healing. So, special attention and special care are required for healing. You can get all your vision problems cured by consulting the Lasik Laser Eye surgery .

Majority of the Lasik patients can get back to their daily routine after a day or two after the surgery. They can resume reading the books, working on computer and watching TV during the first week after the procedure of the Lasik, but one should avoid mingling with the places that are dusty and crowded, splashing eyes using water, so that any bacterial infection risks can be minimized. And any vigorous body exercises, like gardening, swimming, etc., must be avoided for at least two weeks period. Usually doctors recommend follow up of the patient on the next day of the surgery, after one week, after one month, three months, six months and 12 months in normal conditions, with no complications.

The Period for Healing and Recovery

The patient may get surprised to see how quick the corneal flap gets healed quickly. Healing of the corneal tissue is usually very quick and may resume to day to day work in just one week. The fact surprise the patient is that the sight of the eye gets returned very quickly, offering better vision. And the fact is that the complete healing and recovery needs total of 6 months of period, disappearing all the vision problems automatically and other problems to become negligible that fade away with time. The patient may experience a little discomfort or irritation, but no pain is felt. The irritation can be minimized by placing the eye drops in the eyes and these drops help discomfort alleviation and allow feeling better and supporting for better and clean vision. For a while, some medicines and eye drops have to be used to minimize the irritation and minimization depends on different situations. The patient has to immediately consult the doctor, during this period, in case any vision problems or irritation problems occur. A potential Lasik patient can consult Lasik surgery  and undergo the process of eye treatment and enable oneself to free from all kinds of problems and risks of vision.

Activities During Post Surgery

The period after the surgery procedure of Lasik is performed is called period of post Lasik and it includes complete healing and care and one has to follow up certain pre defined procedures assuring proper eye vision. After the surgery the major tasks the patient should do is to consult the concerned surgeon repeatedly for a period of three months, so that check the condition of healing. Once the healing is complete, the normal vision of the eye will be recovered back and the patient can take the doctor appointment once in a year for annual check up to double check the eye health and also vision. One has to follow up the prescriptions and guidelines of the concerned surgeon. During the first week, the surgeon prescribes some eye drops to minimize the level of discomfort and prevent from any possible infections. Post one month of the surgery, the process of healing is started monitored by the doctor and ensures clarity of the vision.