About Lasik

Lasik is one of the most commonly performed laser surgeries throughout the world with proven and accurate records and statistics. Hence, it stands as the first choice, preferred by people, as it is a safe, effective and highly reliable method to replace the need for the contact lens and eye glasses. Lasik procedure changes the shape of the cornea, permanently, by removing the external affected layer, in order to better the vision and avoid the eye glasses to wear. Eventually, the Lasik procedure is performed for the people, who suffer from astigmatism, hyperopia or myopia, to get rid of the issues with the eyesight. India stands as the potential and best hub in offering the best Lasik eye surgery services provided by expert eye surgeons.

Eligibility for Lasik

Before thinking about correcting the eyesight for better vision, one should double check in terms of one being eligible for Lasik surgery. There are no technicalities involved in determining the same. Most of the eligibility criteria are self explanatory and the final eligibility is determined by the eye surgeon.

  1. AGE – A person intended to go for Lasik must have completed 18 years of age, as minimum age limit. Maximum age limit depends on various health conditions.
  2. STABILITY OF VISION – The potential Lasik candidate must have stable vision for at least one year past.
  3. OTHER EYE PROBLEMS – A potential Lasik patient should not be suffering from any eye problems, other than vision, like imbalance or strabismus in eye muscles, lazy or amblyopic eyes, recurrent eye problems, residual problems, active eye conditions or any problems that hinder the healing process or create complications, during or after the surgery. Other problems can be disease of optic nerve, corneal problems, retinal problems, glaucoma and cataract. Any small to big problems or issues with the eyes must be shared in detailed with the surgeon for eligibility.
  4. NOT UNDER PREGNANCY COURSE – Lasik must not be performed for the patient, who are under course of pregnancy and in such cases the surgery must be delayed.
  5. OVERALL HEALTH – Lasik patient should not be undergoing any other medication, while going through this surgery. Any severe or chronicle diseases, like collagen vascular diseases, uncontrolled diabetes complicate the surgery and outcomes and so are not suitable.

Conceptually, a potential Lasik candidate will be an eligible candidate, after meeting all the above criteria. However, the decision of the Lasik candidate is not final as it is determined by the surgeon, after checking overall health of candidate’s eyes.


Before analyzing the eligibility for Lasik eye surgery, corneal thickness within the eyes is checked, as it plays major role in the success of this surgery. The acceptable and minimum corneal thickness is RSB (Residual Stromal Bed) of 250 μm, technically and fairly more amount with 300 μm is expected by some of the conservative surgeons. And any recent or past eye injury details must be shared with the doctor. All the factors are checked against the eligibility of the Lasik surgery to ensure no or minimal complications during and after the surgery.

A Lasik candidate needs to consult an authenticated medical center and experienced laser eye surgeon and there are many . Consult the best one and get the best outcome out of Lasik eye surgery.