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    Chosen by Millions of Patients Worldwide!! Best Globally Performed Lasik Options, Lasik Surgery Cost

    Following Lasik  Packages are top widely performed lasik procedures in past 25 years with time-tested outcome on millions of patients globally, you can also trust them.

    Advanced Aspheric Lasik

    • Topography Guided
    • Corneal Irregularities Correction
    • Visual Axis Treatment Plan
    • Natural Aspherical Correction

    SBK Thin Flap Lasik

    • 30% Corneal Tissue Saving
    • Ultra Thin Flap (90 Micron)
    • Advanced Aspheric Benefits
    • Fast Recovery & Less Dryness

    100% Blade Free Lasik

    • 100% Laser & Blade Less
    • 30-40 % Corneal Tissue Saving
    • Advanced Aspheric Benefits
    • Fast Recovery & Less Dryness


    Intralase or Femtosecond Lasik Laser or in simple terms, Blade Free Laser creates ultra thin flap, more precisely, reliably and most safe than the Lasik procedure with blade. With Blade Free technology, Lasik surgery is much improved, since the blade of the mechanical microkeratome device is replaced with a computer guided laser, which is capable to deliver the outcome with micron-level accuracy. The newer technology, blade free technology completely eliminate the complication which sometime to develop with conventional technology for making flap. 100% Blade Free or Femtosecond Lasik refers completely robotic, touch-less flap making approach to create ultra thin 80 micron thickness flap without use of any blade


    SBK is called a thin-flap LASIK; SBK Called as “Bowman’s Keratomileusis Sub”. The conventional LASIK create a flap of 120 to 180 microns thickness, while SBK Lasik the thinner flaps are obtained of 90 microns thickness saving substantial corneal tissue. The objective OF the SBK Lasik surgery is to preserve the cornea integrity, through creation of a thin and precise flap and it offers faster, safer and better visual recovery to the Lasik undergoing patients . SBK Lasik Technology is currently the most precise, safest & reliable LASIK LASER Procedure for Glasses removal. SBK Lasik offers fast recover, less dryness and reduces the usually possible complications with Lasik.


    ReLEx SMILE has been developed for correction of refractive errors for better vision, with no need for creation of the flap, since that laser vision correction is performed with the Lasik. The procedure needs only a small incision at one side by an experienced and trained surgeon. The ReLEx SMILE eye surgery can leave the cornea anterior lamellae intact, by removing the refractive lenticule. This procedure needs no excimer laser for correction of vision. The ReLEx Small Incision Lenticule Extraction or SMILE is a new generation method of laser correction for vision, where the procedure is performed with a femtosecond laser. The procedure has shifted the correction of vision to the next level, as it offers best precision, comfort and maximum safety.


    Advanced Surface Ablation (ASA) is a highly advanced correction procedure that is precise, accurate, and ensures a great reduction in the attendant risks of eye surgeries. ASA is a 100% flap less eye laser surgery so eliminating are the related risks and problems. Since there is no flap, the surgeon can increase the safety margin for corneal thickness to 110-180 microns, thus improving the efficiency. Laser treatments can create an irregular surface causing the central corneal area to bulge. This is known as ECTASIA, and ASA reduces this risk to a great extent. Immediate or long term problems such as dry eyes are also eliminated by the Advanced Surface Ablation procedure.


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    Rs 8999 / eye Lowest Lasik Laser Eye Surgery at lowest Cost in Gurgaon, India. Do you want to get rid of the hassle-some contact lenses and eyeglasses, through potential Lasik laser eye surgery in Gurgaon . It is a wise decision as it lasts long and improves the quality of life. Now, it is time to explore Lasik, in terms of its latest technology, procedures available, costs, and discounts in Gurgaon. Centre for Lasik is the best place to explore all this lucid information, instantly and candidly. Initially, the Centre seeks to understand all the requirements of the patients, who wish to get rid of the glasses or lenses and then it shows step by step solutions to get rid of the problem. All these questions are addressed by a team of Lasik experts at the Centre, over the phone and they guide you to connect to your nearest best possible Lasik clinics in Gurgaon.

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    Cost of Lasik Laser Eye Surgery in Gurgaon

    lasik eye surgery cost more than the traditional eye surgeries and so how much does it cost? It is the most commonly and frequently asked question by many potential Lasik patients. Though cost of Lasik surgery is more than the traditional treatment methods, the results are long lasting and worthy. Regarding the cost of Lasik surgery, it depends on the technology used for Lasik procedure. Like any other treatment, Lasik treatment also has been improved in various milestones over a period of time, starting from Standard or Basic Lasik surgery to the most advanced Lasik surgery. After Standard surgery, Customized or Wavefront Lasik surgery, Customized or Optimized Lasik surgery, Aspheric Lasik surgery or Topography Guided contoura vision Cost SBK lasik surgery cost Femtosecond Blade-free or Bladeless surgery. Cost of Premium Lasik surgery treatment costs in between 20000 and 37500 INR per each eye, whereas Standard Lasik surgery cost 10000 INR and Customized Wavefront Lasik costs 11000 INR, per each eye.

    Though there are various procedures available in Lasik industry, in Indian cities, selection of the procedure is done by only Lasik expert, after Pre-Lasik investigation, a scientific procedure to assess refractive vision error. Eye Laser Treatment Cost in Our team ensure you get the eye laser treatment cost with best possible discounts in Gurgaon. Basic eye power examination and corneal thickness test are conducted during the investigation and based on these test results, the intensity of the problem is assessed and remedial procedure is determined.

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    Safety is the utmost important and sensitive thing for Lasik surgery, as it deals with the eyes, the most sensitive organs in the human body. So, Centre for Lasik redirects and connects to the Lasik clinics that are approved by the FDA, in the US. Only the Lasik experts, with more than 20 years of experience and experience in performing over thousands of laser eye surgeries are here to guide and support for the safest Lasik treatment. Laser Eye Surgery Cost Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Gurgaon is lowest among other available eye laser eye centres. So, if you are really looking to undergo the Lasik surgery treatment, then contact Centre for Lasik Gurgaon for smoother and potential Lasik treatment, without compromising on quality, with no hidden charges, all with ethics, truthfulness and quality patient care. The Lasik counsellors in the Centre answer all your queries and walk you through smoother Lasik laser investigation, consultation, scheduling till the process of treatment.